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LED Ribbons

The DazzLED LED Ribbon extensive range comes in over 100 varieties; Side Emitting (Ideal for stair nose use), Standard Forward Facing and High Output Forward Facing, RGB, RGB+W, RGB+A, Colour Temperature Adjustable Ribbon, Superior Ribbon with very high CRI value, Quad Chip (4 Colours in a single LED Chip), Bendable for curves, foldable for corners, Super High Output (3000+ Lumens Per metre), High Efficency with 150+ Lumens per watt,  Also available is a Budget Contractor range.

All the ranges of LED ribbon come with a IP20/IP65 rating as standard,  and up to IP67/68 can be made to order. 3M backing tape and white reflective PCB as standard. The Dazzled System works on a 12v or 24v DC supply, utilising LED drivers from the smallest 2 amp up to a most impressive 30 amp. This can allow for 90+ plus meters to be run from a single driver (Side Emitting & Standard Ribbon).

We have a ribbon available for all uses, budgets and applications. NOT ALL LED IS THE SAME !!!!!

Dimming options are available to interface with most systems / protocols – 1-10v, 240v Mains Dimming, DMX, DALI, etc. Stand alone modules for control are also available such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Wireless.

LED Ribbon Drivers – Controllers – Interfaces

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